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Italian and English are mixed here. If something is in Italian is usually about the country society or something I’ve done here in Italy (like giving a lecture about something in Italian language). Perhaps I’ll make a section for Italian content, but it is not the right time :-)

Learn to convert a GEOJSON to ESRI SHAPEFILE with PYTHON

How to convert a GeoJSON file into an ESRI Shapefile easily

Create a RELIEF MAP in ONE CLICK with QGIS 3

Use the processing toolbox to create a beautiful map

Let's create a GEOSPATIAL DEVELOPMENT environment using Python and VS Code + Docker

How to create a new devcontainer to use in Visual Studio Code

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Using this you will never have bad data in your geospatial surveys

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Hillshade styling, color banding, labeling and contour extraction

How to configure and connect to PostGIS in QGIS 3 & load your spatial data

Also how to load spatial data to this newly created geodatabase

Learn how to setup PostgreSQL / PostGIS and PgAdmin4 on Docker

Create an instance of PostgreSQL for development purpose on your local machine

Union vs Intersect in QGIS: how to use and what's the difference

Differences between union and intersect analytical operations explained

Valid and simple geometries in QGIS 3: a brief definition and how to fix them

How to check for geometry validity and semplicity in QGIS 3