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Italian and English are mixed here. If something is in Italian is usually about the country society or something I’ve done here in Italy (like giving a lecture about something in Italian language). Perhaps I’ll make a section for Italian content, but it is not the right time :-)

What are the technologies that will empower the fourth industrial revolution?

The whole industrial process is going to be redesigned from the foundation. Here is a set of technologies that will impact on the 4IR.

A technical introduction to

A GIS Android app has a lot of stuff behind and it is amazingly complicated

When hiring people, *DO NOT GO* for the least worst one just because you need people.

A short summary of a couple of years long journey of bad hiring decisions.

Scale GIS raster data using gdal_translate

The GIS paladin of raster data, gdal_translate, could solve your headaches when you want to reduce its scale from 16 bit per component to 8 bit per component.

Create dark maps using OpenStreetMap and QGIS

Here are some tips that could help you create a dark fancy map using OpenStreetMap as background raster (and your data) in QGIS

Converting between GIS raster data formats using gdal_translate

Do you need to convert GIS raster data between different formats? Here is how gdal_translate could help you!

Logging root commands on Linux using Linux Audit Framework

Sometimes, for law compliance or internal security policy, you may need to log everything a system administrator does on a Linux box. Here is how.

Passing environment variables to a docker container using docker-compose

Suppose you have a containerized script which you want behave differently based on configuration. Let's see how to do that!

Independent segment angle from direction

A useful snippet to figure out the intersection angle of two segments using the direction vectors.

Why are soft skills more important than technical skills?

My perspective on what really counts when you are approaching a new job, or you are choosing a new person to hire in your staff.