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Italian and English are mixed here. If something is in Italian is usually about the country society or something I’ve done here in Italy (like giving a lecture about something in Italian language). Perhaps I’ll make a section for Italian content, but it is not the right time :-)

What creating a Digital Twin really means

Is Digital Twin just a buzzword or there is more? Let's try to understand what it may means to you.

GPS explained: a beginner introduction to positioning + GPX files in QGIS

Do you know how the GPS works?

Deliver QGIS projects in a consolidated way: NO MORE MISSING FILES

Deliver your project without errors or missing files using an awesome plugin called QPackage!

EXPORT your 3D QGIS project for the WEB: Qgis2Three.js

Let's export your QGIS 3 project for the Web using an awesome plugin called QGIS2Three.js!

A beautiful TREE SYMBOL from scratch in QGIS 3 with GEOMETRY GENERATOR

Draw some points in a layer and add this symbology to have a beautiful forest in your map.

What's new in QGIS 3.30 - BREAKING CHANGE!

Features, improvements and a breaking change about project compatibility

Python in QGIS 3: BEGINNERS GUIDE with example

Interact with the QGIS graphical user interface, work with your project with ease and automatize your tasks


Reassigning one or more values in a raster dataset is just a matter of few clicks

Generate a SHAPEFILE from LIDAR using Python

Use this script to convert a point cloud data

Create a SLOPE MAP with QGIS 3 using a digital terrain model

Use the processing toolbox to create a beautiful map